15 December 2014

Giatech introduces LL Coaxial Cable from Harbour Industries

Design and application engineers in the RF communications are tasked with finding cables that fulfil their high performance requirements, yet must be durable, light in weight and able to fit into increasingly smaller spaces. Giatech has a solution for this with a new range of LL Coaxial cables from Harbour Industries.

These cables provide exceptional low loss characteristics over a high frequency range whilst also showing significant weight and space savings over traditional MIL-DTL-17 and RG coaxial cables. Typically the cables show a reduction in attenuation of between 20 and 35% when compared with similarly sized Mil spec cables.

Unique cable design

LL stranded 75


The braid configuration and the expanded PTFE dielectrics of the LL cable constructions contribute to lower attenuation levels at higher frequencies, while providing shielding effectiveness levels that exceed those of flexible MIL-DTL-17 cables. Flat strips of silver plated copper are braided over the dielectric core with an intermediate aluminium/polyester layer, and an outer round silver plated copper wire braid.


Dimensional and electrical performance data on the range can be freely downloaded below.



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