6 February 2015

When retractile cables can be the answer


A selection of coiled cables from Giatech

A selection of coiled cables from Giatech


Sometimes a straight cable is not the answer a retractable cable is more suitable.

It may be possible to achieve what you want with a custom built coil cord from Giatech.

We can build a cable bespoke to YOUR requirements in a short timescale (typically 4-5 weeks)

Minimum quantities are not usually an issue (30-50 pieces depending upon construction)

Your needs are for good flexing at low temperatures?

Maybe you need good mechanical toughness or chemical resistance?

Chances are we’ve seen it before and have built a cable to suit.

From large power cores to miniature screened signal cores we have included all of these in our retractile cables.

Give us the opportunity to solve YOUR cabling requirements.

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